Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pyjama bags

An age-old problem: clean clothes go in the dressing/closet, dirty clothes go in the laundry, but what do you do with clothes you want to wear a second time, like pyjamas?
We used to hang them on hooks in the hallway between the bathroom and the dressing - untill I got fed up with this unaesthetic solution, and decided to make some bags in pretty fabric left-overs. Behold: the before and after!
The left bag was made from Sarah Jane Children at Play On Parade, combined with pink paspoil and some cheap greengreyish fabric I found in Rotterdam (Schröder). The right one combines Tree Meadow from Birch fabric with Lotta Jansdotter's Ruta Sarsaparilla.
Age-problem old problem solved! Next assignment: figuring how to make better-quality photos in such badly lit places. Sorry.

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  1. I just discover your so lovely....and your ballon dress just so cute!!