Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guitars bag

After making this quilt, I completely fell in love with one of the fabrics I used in it: Heather Ross' Far Far Away III Guitars in Pink. So I ordered another yard at Charm Stitch, and turned it into a little travel bag.

I wanted the bag to be simple, straight and geometrical, so I drew the pattern (well, basically some squares and rectangles) myself. Assembling was also pretty easy. I first stitched quilt batting against the guitars fabric, to create a quilted effect. Then, I installed the zipper between the lining and the outside fabric, next stitched the rest of the outside (inside out) and then the lining (also inside out, but leaving a turning hole).

For the bottom, the lining, and the thingy around the straps (what's that called in English? I don't even know what it's called in Dutch) I used this cheap linen.


  1. Wat een fijne tas! Vooral dat thingy around the straps is heel leuk!

    1. Mmm, als zelfs een doorgewinterde tassenmaakster als jij niet lijkt te weten hoe zo'n thingy around the straps heet, vermoed ik dat daar gewoon geen woord voor bestaat... :-)

    2. We dopen het bij deze dan maar tot thingy around the straps? ;-)

      Toffe tas! Zo'n ding zou ik ook eens moeten fabriceren.

    3. Deal! Af te korten als tats. ;-)

  2. Really, really beautiful!! Would really like to make a bag like this some day :)