Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One trick pony / Liberty Love

You know I like bubble. Bubble dresses, peplum bubble dresses, and bubble skirts.

I wasn't really happy with the bubble skirts I made so far, though. There was just something wrong with the shape. So I made a new pattern from scratch. From drawing the peplum bubble dress, I learnt that a rectangle is a better shape for the (outside) skirt than a round one. I applied this in my new bubble skirt pattern, and now the shape looks more the way I intended it.

I made two skirts, both in a fat quarter Liberty of London tana lawn - ideal fabric for bubble garments. The one above is in Ellie Ruth, the one below in Mauverina. Both are from this lovely French webshop.

The skirt has a waistband with an elastic - no zipper or buttons. Making one skirt takes me a good 2 hours.

Patterns in different sizes are on their way :-)


  1. Cute! I have never made a bubble skirt but yours look great. Want to make one soon

  2. Love this. My girly is growing like a weed and needs some new clothes...perfect!

  3. Love these! Especially in the Liberty fabric (Liberty makes everything so wonderful, doesn't it?). Glad you worked out a pattern you like, though to my eye, the previous ones looked pretty cute too!

    1. Thanks Lucinda! The previous ones looked okay depending on the angle you took. This one looks well from all angles ;-)

  4. I'm completely obsessed with Liberty prints at the moment! The skirts look adorable!

  5. She looks so cute. Loved her dress and hair.

  6. Die stofjes zijn geweldig, hé.
    Jouw dochter staat erg mooi met dit model.

  7. Love this bubble dress & skirt so thought I'd have a go for my grand daughters, I have some lovely shocking pink satin like material & have found voile in the same colour, could I use the voile as the top layer for the skirt. I've never tried a bubble skirt before & am unsure how this will turn out.

    Sheila (UK)

  8. This is such a sweet outfit! Love the whole thing :)

  9. i want this bubble skirt pattern for my 6 months old