Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Improvisational Pleating: The CONTEST!

I was totally overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reactions to my Improvisational Pleating Tutorial a few weeks ago. Roughly speaking, the responses could be divided into two types:
A. "I love those pleats!"
B. "I love those fabrics!"

I just had to something with your enthusiasm, and the combination of A and B logically led to: a contest in which you use the pleats, and win the fabrics!

It will be a relaxed little contest with plenty of time to sew, and very few rules.

The Rules:
- You apply one of the three improvisational pleating techniques, or invent your own (it has to be improvisational though - no measuring :-))
- If you have a blog, you can blog about it whenever you like in the coming weeks. Include the button above in your post(s), and link up to this page, so that your readers know you are participating.
- On May 21, I will open a link party where you can upload a picture of your creation.
- On May 24, uploading ends and voting begins, and you can send over your friends and followers to vote for you.
- On May 26, the contest closes and two winners will be announced: (1) the creation with the most votes, and (2) my own favorite from the creations made from a StraightGrain pattern (free or paying).

The Non-rules:
- You can use whatever fabric and pattern you like.
- You can make whatever you like: a garment, a bag, a blanket, a sleep sack, a pillow cover, ...
- You can send in as many creations as a you like.
- It is an international contest.
- You do not need to have a blog to participate. (You will need a www address to partipate in the Link Party, but this can also be your FB page, flickr account...)

The prizes
- The always generous people of Birch are giving away 3 yards of Flight voiles of your choice. This awesome prize will go to the creation with the most votes.
- I will also chip in with a surprise pack of voile fabrics - I will announce later which ones, but I can tell you already that they will be really nice :-) They will go to my own favorite creation made from a StraightGrain pattern.

That is all there is to it... Now pleat it! :-)


  1. Ohow! Hier zou ik graag aan meedoen! Ik ga eens nadenken!

  2. fun contest!! ;o) Not sure if I will sew something, but I will for sure be checking out all the entries and voting ;o)

  3. Great idea! I'll try to join the fun!

  4. Wow, thank you for the extra little time before the link party! (Great for those of us with little munchkins in our lives). Looking forward to playing, pleating and creating.

  5. How fun! I linked this up here: http://swoodsonsays.com/sew-a-long-calendar/

  6. Perfect timing considering I just recently bought the Hanami pattern in the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2. Can't wait to link it up!

  7. I just sewed up the bubble dress with Improvisational Pleating on the bodice and I LOVE IT! It is so cute! :) Thanks! I will link up when the linky opens.

  8. So I know I missed the deadline, but thought you may like to see my take on the origami pleating...it turned out so great and my daughter loved her dress! THanks! I blogged about it here:http://erickmarnae.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/vintage-fairy-tale/