Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lua Testers' Tour: Day 8

This is day 8 of the Lua Testers' Tour, and I'm so proud to be able to show you 4 more amazing creations from my testers. Today's stop seems to be all about fabric, with sleep sacks made in great fabric combo's, in fabric from one of my favorite brands (Nani Iro!), and even one in a handstamped fabric!

Thank you so much, Annick, Ashley, Tasha, and Natalie for all your help and creativity!

(Click on the images below to read more)



  1. Thank you An! It was really a pleasure being part of your pattern tourn!

  2. I can't go to the link of Ashley's blogpost... I can't even go to her site as well.

  3. looks gorgeous! That piping is amazing!! emily@nap-timecreations.com