Drawing a perfect circle skirt pattern for a dress
The tutorial is here

Improvisational Pleating
The tutorial is here.

Very Simple Ruffled Sundress
The tutorial is here.

Honeycomb Smocked Sundress
The tutorial is here

1-Hour (Faux) Patchwork Quilt with Piped Edges
The tutorial is here.

Faux peter pan collar with piping
The tutorial is here

Baby blanket with cutwork and piping
The tutorial is here

Dress with pleats and piping
The tutorial is here.

Super simple skirt with lining
The tutorial is here.

Origami raglan sleeves
The instructions

Extremely fast cushion cover (ready in 15 minutes)
The list of materials
The instructions 
Very simple doll bassinet
The patterns

Gathering perfect ruffles
There are plenty of great tutorials online for gathering ruffles, but this one specifically helps you divide your ruffles equally of the entire length of your fabric.

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